Past Pastors

First congregation-  Spring 1966

First congregation- Spring 1966

Reverend Alfred Zielfe 1964-1977

Founding Pastor Rev. Ziefle and his wife Ernestine ministered in Upper Deerfield Township from the birth of our congregation in the summer of 1964 until 1977 when they accepted the pastorate of Bridgman Assembly of God in Bridgman, Michigan.

Reverend Stefan Sos 1977-1981

Rev. Sos arrived at German Full Gospel Church from Toronto, Ontario in October 1977 with his wife Barbara and

daughters Manuella, Michelle, and Melanie. Son Benjamin was born during their stay in Bridgeton, NJ.

On January 16, 1978, two building lots behind the church were donated to the congregation by Karl and Anna Kaser and the parsonage was built on one of the lots.

Congregation April 1980

Congregation April 1980

During Rev. Sos’ pastorate the Sunday evening service was changed from German to English as an outreach to the non- German speaking community. The weekly bulletin was started and the platform at the front of the sanctuary was enlarged.

Rev. Sos remembers as a high point of his ministry establishing the musical group “Fresh Surrender” which included teenagers in the congregation Esther Kolbe, Anne Kolber, Margo Kolber, Diane Nurnberg, and Judy Tiltmann.

Through the efforts of Rev. Sos, the group was able to minister on the Canadian television program “100 Huntley Street”. The Sos family left German Full Gospel Church in August 1981 to accept a position in Oakville, Canada.

Reverend David Rueb 1981-1985

Rev. Rueb, together with his wife Rita and sons Tim and Hardy, arrived in Bridgeton in the fall of 1981, having come from Ashley, North Dakota where he had completed his undergraduate studies at Trinity Bible College.

Rev. Rueb’s goals were to unite the body, to increase the vision of the body, and to see members of the congregation become leaders. On April 17, 1982, the name of the church was officially changed from German Full Gospel Church to Good News Assembly of God.

Although many services were still conducted in German, the vision of the congregation was expanded to include non-German speaking people. The wooded lot directly behind the church which had been donated by the Kasers several years earlier was cleared so that the parking lot could be expanded.

From the fall of 1982 through the spring of 1983, Rev. Rueb worked with James Hatch, an intern from Valley Forge Christian College, who spent weekends helping out wherever needed, primarily by promoting the church through literature distribution.

In the summer of 1983 Robert Stiem, a student at Central Bible College, came to Good News Assembly of God to intern as a youth pastor. Robert had grown up in the German District at First Assembly of God in Benton Harbor, Michigan.

In September 1984, after graduation from college, Robert returned as the congregation’s first youth pastor. Rev. Rueb resigned as pastor of Good News Assembly of God in the summer of 1985 when he was elected Superintendent of the German District.

Reverend Curt Dalaba 1985-1987

Rev. Dalaba arrived at Good News Assembly of God from Warren, Ohio in November of 1985.

His vision was to reach the surrounding community for the Lord both in German-speaking and non-German-speaking.

Highlights of his ministry were the community senior citizen luncheons held regularly at the church.

Rev. Dalaba made a number of improvements to the property which included purchasing new carpet for the sanctuary and drapes for the baptistry.

On September 12,1987, he married Anneliese Kolber.

In November 1987, Rev. and Mrs. Dalaba left Good News Assembly of God to accept a position in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Reverend Ric Hohm 1987-1999

Rev. Hohm arrived at Good News Assembly of God with his wife Ginny and children Jon and Jerica in November of 1987 from Topeka, Kansas.

His vision was for the congregation to grow in Christ, to grow as a family, to enlarge the circle of friends, and to grow in effectiveness.
During his ministry, the attendance to all services increased as many non-German speaking families joined the congregation. Although the German Sunday School class was continued, all other services were conducted in English.

For a number of years, Rev. Hohm wrote a weekly newspaper column in the Bridgeton Journal and had a regular Sunday radio program on one of the local stations.

In 1992, land adjoining the church was purchased from Paul and Ella Nurnberg which significantly expanded the side yard. In 1996, eleven acres on Big Oak Road were purchased from the Horton family in anticipation of future growth. On July 13, 1997, the Kaser-Nurnberg home was purchased from the Nurnbergs, and the first floor was remodeled to accommodate all the church offices and several classrooms.

Youth ministry was an important focus of Rev. Hohm’s pastorate. At different times during his tenure, he hired youth and associate pastors Kent and Karen Smith, Keith and Esther Edwards, Mark and Debbie McBride, and Chris and Kathy Kennedy.

In 1998, the Kaser-Nurnberg garage was renovated into a youth room. In May 1999, Rev. Hohm resigned his pastorate to accept the position of director of spiritual care services at SJ Healthcare. He and his family moved to Pittsgrove Township.

Toward the end of his pastorate, the congregation voted to leave the German District of the Assemblies of God and join the New Jersey District of the Assemblies of God.

Reverend Randyl Brown 1999-2008

Congregation and friends of Good News 2004

Congregation and friends of Good News

In August 1999 Rev. Brown, his wife Gayle, and sons Jeremy and Tyler arrived at Good News Assembly of God from

Independence, Missouri.

Rev. Brown considers some of the highlights of his pastorate to be serving hand-in-hand in ministry with quality lay workers and seeing missions giving increase substantially. He also continually marveled God’s miraculous provision in meeting whatever needs the church may have had.
During his ministry, new chairs were purchased to replace the pews in the sanctuary, the restrooms and foyer were remodeled and a playground was installed in the side yard.

In the summer of 2001, Rev. Brown worked with intern Josh Ziefle, who assisted in youth and children’s ministry and with Vacation Bible School. From 2002-2003, youth and associate pastor Brian and Cindy Linn served on staff.

In the spring of 2008, Rev. Brown resigned and he and his family relocated to Springfield, Missouri.

Reverend Patricia Strella Zio 2009-2014

Rev. Zio arrived at Good News Assembly of God from Pulaski, Pennsylvania in September of 2005. She served as Pastor Brown’s youth and associate pastor until the spring of 2008 when she became the interim pastor upon his resignation.

In February 2009, she was voted in as the senior pastor. Highlights of her pastorate included starting Common Shop, which is a food and clothing ministry to the community and holding special young adult worship services called Ignite.

In September 2011, Rev. Zio married Rev. Wisdom Zio. Rev. Zio resigned in the Spring of 2014 to assist her husband with his church.

Reverend Tony Butler 2014-2015

Rev. Butler and his wife Linda arrived at Good News Assembly of God in April 2014. He served as our interim pastor until January 2015.

Pastor Joe Dononfrio 2015 –

Pastor Joe Dononfrio, his wife Valarie and their children Joseph and Joshua have been serving at Hope Assembly of God Upper Deerfield since early 2015.