Prayer is one of the most important components of our spiritual lives in Christ. Jesus always displayed His reliance on prayer, which was His source of constant communication with His Father. If Jesus relied totally on His communication with His Father, we must too. Prayer is our link with our Father in Heaven through the Holy Spirit.

The Hope Assembly of God reserves every Friday morning from 9AM to 10AM for prayer. We meet in the café and offer up our requests to God for those who express their needs and for our church’s “prayer list.” Everyone is invited to come and join us in our time of seeking God. God is a good God and He answers prayer! We have many testimonies of truly great answers we’ve received from His loving hand.

Prayer Works!!

Not only is it true that Prayer Works, it is also the name of a new ministry at Hope. We are looking for people who will commit to praying for others by name every day. Should you accept this assignment, you will be given names of people in our church to pray for daily. If you are willing, please contact the church office or use the Contact page on this website. Thank you!

Caring Hearts

Caring Hearts ministry is a church visitation program. We chose the name, “Caring Hearts” because we are called to be “His Hand Extended” and minister to those in our church who are widowed, hurting, confined to their homes, sick and hospitalized. This is what Jesus did and we must love others in the same way.

Visitations vary each month with alternating Tuesday/Thursdays and whenever the need arises. We do day-time and evening visitations. We have joined with the “Sonshine Seniors” group in visiting “Cardinal Village,” a senior living community in Sewell, New Jersey, on the second Thursday of each month. We encourage EVERYONE to get involved in this vital ministry. Together we can make a difference.

If you need a visit or would like more information “Caring Hearts,” call the Malaga Assembly of God at 856-694-1277