Jerry Jones: We haven’t had any direct discussions with Earl Thomas


During a radio appearance last week, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said that the team had not ruled out a run at signing safety Earl Thomas.

The message wasn’t any different when he was on 105.3 The Fan on Tuesday morning. Jones said that there haven’t been any direct discussions with Thomas about joining the team, but that he’s the kind of player whose name comes up when the team is talking about potential moves they could make before finalizing their roster for the regular season.

“Discussions internally, we have discussions that certainly he’s an outstanding football player. We’re sitting here at personnel time and we’re looking for ways to get better and he would be one of several that we would discuss during this particular time as we finalize this roster,” Jones said. “It would be a misleading thing to say we haven’t discussed him, it would be a misleading thing to say that we have.”

The cryptic kicker to that answer was followed by Jones talking about why the team wouldn’t publicly talk about “a competitive decision” like pursuing Thomas, although the takeaway from the last couple of weeks is that they’re fine talking about it in as vague a way was possible.