Jeffrey Lurie: DeSean Jackson’s social-media posts were “disgusting and appalling,” but he’s now “doing the right things”


Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson created a firestorm with cartoonish social-media posts expressing ridiculously offensive anti-Semitic sentiments that were attributed to Hitler. If Jackson was one of the bottom guys on the roster, he would have been long gone. His talent, along with just enough contrition, saved him — for now.

In a Sunday press conference, Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie spoke about Jackson’s situation.

“I thought the social media posts were disgusting and appalling,” Lurie said, via a transcript generated by the team. “I don’t think anybody can take it any other way. You’re talking about a leader of a genocide, and it doesn’t matter what it was a genocide of. Any leader of a genocide is one of the worst individuals and a member of a group of individuals that we’ve seen both in our lifetime and in history.

“I’ve known DeSean for a long time. Obviously, we all have. He has, I think, really understood the ramifications of that appalling post. So far, everything that we’ve asked him to do to both educate himself and to learn and take action, he’s done completely. So, I would hope that would continue.

“I also think that in life, you have to understand fully where a person is coming from. I listened. I listened. It doesn’t take away the hurt. It doesn’t take away the words. But I think that with DeSean, he’s doing the right things, and that has to continue. That’s a daily event, and that’s where that’s at.”

The Eagles have shown patience and understanding with Jackson because he continues to be, when healthy, a very good football player. He’s good enough to get a second chance; if they’d cut him, someone else would have given him that second chance. From the Eagles’ perspective, it’s better that the second chance come with them, and not against them.