Restaurant hygiene, food quality inspections to be published more quickly


From September 1, the Dutch food an consumer product safety authority NVWA will be able to publish the results of its inspections more quickly. The watchdog will also be able to publish results for more businesses – from tomorrow, inspection results for all catering establishments in the Netherlands can be published, instead of only in the four large cities.

Over the past years, the NVWA already published inspection results if products posed a risk to safety. It could also publish inspection results for catering establishments in the four major cities, and some companies like indoor playgrounds, and fish processing companies. A change in regulation now expanded the NVWA’s options for publishing inspection results.

Another change will also mean that inspection results can be published more quickly. Until now, entrepreneurs had a time period in which they could submit their response to the publication of the inspection results. That period will no longer exist from September 1. Entrepreneurs can still file objections and appeals. But the NVWA only has to wait two weeks after inspection before publishing the results.

According to the NVWA, active publication of inspection results is an effective enforcement tool. “More transparency will lead to better compliance by companies with laws and regulations,” the watchdog said. “But entrepreneurs and consumers also benefit from active disclosure, because they can make better choices with inspection results. For example, entrepreneurs have more information about their suppliers and consumers can see how the NVWA assesses catering establishments and consumer products.”